martes, 19 de abril de 2011

La la la...Music

Music for me…is the best complement for everything! When I write, or read, when I study or dance, when I go to university or travel to another city, every time have music with me, because the guitar playing and battery breaking de silence has de power of cheering me up.

Sometime I imagine a day make with songs of beginning to end, the first song, for stand up, are “Pagan Party” of Mago de Oz, next in my road to university “Black Diamond” of Stratovarius because is a great song for get to class with full batteries. After, in the moment more boring of the class, the perfect song would “Hasta que el cuerpo aguante” of Mago de Oz for shake my neurons and pay attention. Then, for read, write or study anything, I prefer listening music without lyric, since I can’t focus if I know the song and I don’t learn, only sing. Finally for come back to house and relax for sleep, my favorite song is “For Fruits Basket” of Ritsuko Okazaki, this are one of the most beautiful songs I've heard.

As you can see over, I like different types of music, in fact, I prefer songs in several languages, for example Japanese, Italian, French, English, even in Hawaii. Maybe is my method of enjoy the diversity in world, and one reason more for choose Anthropology in the University. But i need clarify that I don't like every music in the world, songs such as “reggeaton” or “saund” are really bad music for me, because don’t have any content in lyrics, or in melody, almost only speak about sex and degrade to  women for male placer.

My favorite group of music is “Mago de Oz”, and my favorite singers are “Celtic Woman”, they are really awesome when sing and play music, for example the song “the voice” of Celtic Woman, is excellent lyric and excellent music.

Finally, I don’t have much musical skill, just play little notes in my violin, or kids song in a flute, that learn in the school, I can’t imagine a world without music, because the music for me, is one the all-time best thing in the world.

About myself...


I am Karmina, let me tell you a little about myself,
I was born in Arica and now live in Santiago for studying Anthropology in 
the University of Chile.
I love to watch T.V series and I also love the Chocolat in all versions.
My foavorite T.V series are Dr. House, E.R, and "how i meet your mather".
In santiago i don't have pest, but in arica have three cats and one dog, i love
play with my pets. 
Finally, i hope read the post of my classmates and meet more.

See you later :)