miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2011

My life in 15 year more

All my life I work for realized my goals, because this help to motivate my actions and try more hard every day, that aren’t always easy objectives, but it is important for me have them to give direction to the priorities.

My first priority is my professional life, I want my degree in physical anthropology and then continue my studies with a master and doctorate, should the opportunity I would like to work in England in the anthropology Forence. Besides a professional specialist in my field I would like to be a professional ethics and responsibility.

In the social aspect, a change of country would mean creating new friendships and personal relationships in general, but I love British culture and is a personal challenge to learn all about relate in different places. Is a test of my intelligence and abilities!

One of the most complicated things related to my dream of living in England is my family, because it not easy being away from them and would be even harder if I am in the other side of the world. Now if I create my own family, we might be a couple and one or two children, provided you have the good conditions for that.

Finally, in 15 years more, I hope to be a professional to make something useful of their knowledge in the field of anthropology Forence, working in England and, if given the opportunity, make a new friends and a small family with whom to share.

The tickets To England!

During my life I learn different thinks about British culture and then more I know, the more love the place. Maybe don’t be a perfect reason, but I think in that place and feel such as make for me. Actually I don’t have money for travel to England, if I won the lottery, i would like buy the tickets for me and my best friend.

I can’t explain, but as I described to the British and their vision of the world, I feel that this is place where I would be live. Also in different parts of the United Kingdom’s are great museums and a castle that I like to visit with my best friend. Both share a love of the middle ages and would like to visit all these places of great battle.

So, I would like go to England, not only as a tourist, also to get to know English social dynamics and all its medieval history and give my best friend a ticket to have a good holiday and learn a lot of armor.

Maybe I have no money now, but certainly I will go to England ... I'm sure!

miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

A Strange Semester...

This year don't be perfect in the business of school for all the changes in programs and times, now I have to be learning all units of five months in two months, which is really difficult for me and my classmates.

The new conditions are complicated, but I hope to do the better of me to get the best results in my projects and my qualifications. The most difficult is will be spending Christmas away from my family, because it is the first time since we've seen in so long (almost a year). So I hope I pass all my classes and not have to give any exam for spend more time in Arica with my friends and family.

Well, the question is to overcome the situation and make the best work in this strange semester and that consequences. After all, the protests were for something fair and worth the sacrifice to put the issue into the consciousness of all.