miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

The end of the World.

When people talk about “the end of the world” I can’t avoid think “each generation belive that his generation is the last”. That like this sentence, because is a good sumary of the fenomenum around of  December 2012.

In the case of “Maya Prediccitons”, I really thinkg  this is a stupid idea, if I don’t believe in the end of the world from a cientific probabilities, certanly I don’t believe in a profecies from peolple that thing in the future as a writing destini. And I don’t refere to Mayas, is talk about “wiches” or “prophets”, they be manipulating peoples for created  a fashon esoteric theory.

It’s obiusly I don’t believe I the maya prediccion or any other teory about the end of te world, almost is dificult for me understand when other people believe in that, because...¿nerver you thinkg the mayas doesn’t have more space for more years in the rock? Or something like that.

Well, if avoid laugth of the topic, and do a reflexion in the probabilities of the end of the world, I wuold like have time for flaying on Delta Wing and for speak whit my best friend and my family, because, in the end of the world dosen’t matter why happen the next day, the really  importan is what you do in the past and if you be happy in the final of your days.