miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

The end of the World.

When people talk about “the end of the world” I can’t avoid think “each generation belive that his generation is the last”. That like this sentence, because is a good sumary of the fenomenum around of  December 2012.

In the case of “Maya Prediccitons”, I really thinkg  this is a stupid idea, if I don’t believe in the end of the world from a cientific probabilities, certanly I don’t believe in a profecies from peolple that thing in the future as a writing destini. And I don’t refere to Mayas, is talk about “wiches” or “prophets”, they be manipulating peoples for created  a fashon esoteric theory.

It’s obiusly I don’t believe I the maya prediccion or any other teory about the end of te world, almost is dificult for me understand when other people believe in that, because...¿nerver you thinkg the mayas doesn’t have more space for more years in the rock? Or something like that.

Well, if avoid laugth of the topic, and do a reflexion in the probabilities of the end of the world, I wuold like have time for flaying on Delta Wing and for speak whit my best friend and my family, because, in the end of the world dosen’t matter why happen the next day, the really  importan is what you do in the past and if you be happy in the final of your days.

martes, 31 de enero de 2012

I'm not green, I am aware

Today it is much easy find places to learn "green practices" because it became fashion care the environment and everyone wants to be fashion. In addition, programs and workshops have been opened where people can participate protecting the environment or obtain knowledge to care the world from their homes with standard practice.

In my case, I usually forgot separate waste by type, so I don’t be ideal with this form of recycling, I prefer composting would rather choose to create or make gifts given by recycling; this is more practical and entertaining for me. My preferred way of contributing to the care of the environment is walk, I prefer walk in my journey, every day I go walking to college. Although it is difficult in this city, as the heat and pollution are unpleasant to walk at times.

When I was child, participate in an "eco-club" in this club, has activities related to caring for the environment and promote the natural beauty spots of the area in which we lived, it was interesting to learn from nature and the environment as well go nice places. Today I wish I had more time to do composting and caring for some plants, and remember separate the trash. I would also like to enjoy the green areas of the capital.

In Santiago takes a lot of awareness about the issue, although there are few communities that have a recycling program, or that have bike lanes and encourage bicycle use. A breakthrough would be to implement a program-wide capital that protects the green areas and promote education from childhood in the care of plants and recycling. And create spaces for people of different communities can share their knowledge and methods of disposal.

It is a matter of being green or not, it is important to realize that as humans leave traces of our passage, and when that track is bad for future generations, we must be repair their best.


It's a difficult question to answer because it depends on the personality and experience of each. Don’t we all go through the same, not all look the same and not all feel the same. Those categories are important to think about the sense of life.

For me, the sense of life is search freedom, I know it is a difficult concept to define, but I try to imagine it as the time in which the happiness and tranquility surround you. The future isn´t a problem and the present satisfy you completely. Moreover, not only see the meaning of life as a goal, is also alive every day, I'm adding the experiences and knowledge that is saved on my mind, because you can’t find a sense, without your sense for live.

Perhaps for others happiness is the way to live, while to me is part of the way, there is no reason to expect to be happy in an extraordinary form, if we can be enjoying the day to day or even better, if we can be happy just be alive.

So, for me the sense isn’t the reason, it is how we live.

Should we clone Neanderthals?

At a conference in Dubai on science, religion and modernity was discussion on the question "should we clone Neanderthals?” Assuming that there is a technological breakthrough necessary to achieve, considering the high failure in cloning other mammals and have a sufficient sample of DNA.

Some difficulties arise: the reconstruction of the Neanderthal, they were physically different from us and do not know which affected his conscience (perhaps has a voice, maybe not). So it is difficult to measure the consequences, also considering bioethical issues.

Religion does not give an answer, one can assume that would apply the same kind of precautionary principle applies in the case of abortion, something that might be a human being should always be given the benefit of the doubt. However, other religions and other forms of Christianity are not opposed to human cloning. Not that religion is a fundamental argument, but it is a matter for believers and nonbelievers.

If we are optimistic that the Neanderthals would be happy to be alive again, is complicated, because it would be the one of his specie, which would have to clone more of his kind so that you could socialize, but then Who would charge of all a species? It's hard to think about what it means to clone an entire species of hominid that shares the space with us, considering they would have different behavioral characteristics.

Whatever happened, it would be totally fascinating to watch. There would be other advantages; the rebirth of a species from 25,000 years ago would be a wonderful window into our own nature. It would enrich our understanding of consciousness, biodiversity, and should also be great for the Neanderthals. However, there are two reasons why you should never try.

Feminist: cloning does not stop in a Petri dish. It would simply be a surrogate for this experiment would not be fair for the baby and mother. Exist the extremely complex interaction between the immune system of the mother and baby.

Developmental differences: Neanderthal 25,000 years ago don’t have immunity to any diseases that have evolved since then, we are all descendants of the survivors of centuries of epidemics.

"We don’t have right to bring anyone into the mess we've made"

Original article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/jun/23/clone-neanderthal-technology-ethical

martes, 10 de enero de 2012

A big Ups!

I woke up that morning feeling strange, didn’t know what was happening with me, I was worried about something, not knowing what is not usual in my forgetting important things. Try not take attention and get on with my day.

After lunch a flash of memory came to my mind and I remembered that the night before had been talking to my brother, so I decided to go visit him to ask him the day before. Way home of him I saw my best friend and we started to talking, then she asked me to accompany her to buy some things to eat, we goes to a supermarket that was near there and spent some time deciding what to buy, then we move to a little park to sit and keep talking.

After four hours, I felt again the uncomfortable feeling that morning, that made me to remember to go to my brother. I said goodbye to my friend and made ​​his way, after a long walk, with steps from the house of my brother surprise remembered everything! ...

That day was the birthday of my mother and we had arranged to celebrate it at the same hour in the house of my brother. I couldn’t believe forgetfulness. After overcoming the shame of forgetting, entered the house where they were all held and asked for an apology for forgetting ... the best of that night were the words of my mother: “I know, you have a bad memory ... and you know, is more important that there is come"

miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2011

My life in 15 year more

All my life I work for realized my goals, because this help to motivate my actions and try more hard every day, that aren’t always easy objectives, but it is important for me have them to give direction to the priorities.

My first priority is my professional life, I want my degree in physical anthropology and then continue my studies with a master and doctorate, should the opportunity I would like to work in England in the anthropology Forence. Besides a professional specialist in my field I would like to be a professional ethics and responsibility.

In the social aspect, a change of country would mean creating new friendships and personal relationships in general, but I love British culture and is a personal challenge to learn all about relate in different places. Is a test of my intelligence and abilities!

One of the most complicated things related to my dream of living in England is my family, because it not easy being away from them and would be even harder if I am in the other side of the world. Now if I create my own family, we might be a couple and one or two children, provided you have the good conditions for that.

Finally, in 15 years more, I hope to be a professional to make something useful of their knowledge in the field of anthropology Forence, working in England and, if given the opportunity, make a new friends and a small family with whom to share.

The tickets To England!

During my life I learn different thinks about British culture and then more I know, the more love the place. Maybe don’t be a perfect reason, but I think in that place and feel such as make for me. Actually I don’t have money for travel to England, if I won the lottery, i would like buy the tickets for me and my best friend.

I can’t explain, but as I described to the British and their vision of the world, I feel that this is place where I would be live. Also in different parts of the United Kingdom’s are great museums and a castle that I like to visit with my best friend. Both share a love of the middle ages and would like to visit all these places of great battle.

So, I would like go to England, not only as a tourist, also to get to know English social dynamics and all its medieval history and give my best friend a ticket to have a good holiday and learn a lot of armor.

Maybe I have no money now, but certainly I will go to England ... I'm sure!