jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

say cheeeesus! (it's like a cheesy-jesus xD)

Even though I don’t have a photographic camera, I enjoy taking pictures with my friend’s cameras. I love to take spontaneous photographs. I don’t like to people to pose on my photographs.  Also I don’t like when people take photographs from me. I am not good at smile.

Some time ago, I had a lot of fun watching photos about me when I was a little girl. I don’t have too many pictures when I was small because my father doesn’t like photographs. But, my brother searched for all my photographs and uploaded them to a photolog. I hated him when I saw the pictures, because he shared the link with my friends.Even though, I understand that he did it to make me happy. So I didn’t killed him in his sleep :) 

My favorite pictures also include a lot of landscapes, and strange compositions, like to take pictures while moving the camera.

Now, one example of this is the following picture. It is one of my favorite…

This photo was taken by my friend Valentin. It was taken on an autumn day three years ago. In this image, you can see a sunset in a cloudy day at Arnuero. It is a very little town in Spain. It was taken with Valentin’s new camera.

 I love this picture, because when you see the sky it looks like an ocean. Like a floating ocean. And there is a lot of contrast, like if the day and a night were together, but the sun can’t be seen; just the sunlight. Also it remembers me good times with Valentin. He is a very close friend. I haven’t seen him since a long time ago because he lives in Spain. 

martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

Da dara dah!, dada da dara dah! (Metro Golwyn Myer xD)

I like movies, but I don’t like go to cinema for see all movies, for example, when I want see animations movie the cinema is full of kids, and they cry o scream. However some films are better in the cinema for the big screen and the surround system, for example Matrix or The Lord of The Rings, etc. When I want see any film, first search in internet; if don’t find movie late a little time in case appears, but if not again, I think in go to cinema with my friends for see the movie.

Between films more famous, one of my favorite is “Singing in the Rain”, before the original sound track of this film are the most funny and creative that I know. Also that have choreography really complex and beautiful, with this the actors manage transmit happiness.

My favorite movie is “Contact” (1997) is science fiction film about the construction of a machine that allows travel and contact with other places of solar system. The protagonist is a women astronomer who knows the stars thanks to her father. My other favorite movie is Age of Ice, I really love it, I can see hundred times this film because the animation is excellent and I love principal sound track “Send me on my way”.

Really I don’t use many of my time in see movies, but I’ve seen good movies of different period of the history. Between all movies I see I recommended five excellent films of different kinds:

-          “The Shinning” (Horror)
-          “Contact” (Science Fiction)
-           “Triple X” (Action)
-          “The Schindler List” (Social)
-          “The Wave” (Social)

These are films perfect for a night with friends and a bag of popcorns.

miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

My travels...

I love travel for meet different people and know about new places, I like travel to little towns and big cities for compare the differences and similarities.

I usually go to Arica for my winter and summer holidays. Past holidays I visit two place more, Tacna and Putre (really beautiful town). I usually travel alone, the travel to Arica are really long, 28 - 30 hours in a bus don’t are the best idea for enjoy a road, but when I traveled with other people the hours spent more fast.

I know a little of Chile, but if I have choice in any moment one place in Chile for visit, I would like visit is Frutillar, because all people speak or mention Frutillar when speak about the south of Chile. Don’t is the place favorite of all, but all speak about this place. Outside Chile I only know Tacna, because it’s so near Arica. I would like travel around of the Chile before going aboard. But when traveling abroad i like see London or Tokyo with my best firend or my parents.

Well, any day I will travel for all country of the world or for all places of Chile …but, for now, the best travel is with my imagination.

lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

Leisure Time :D

Actually, I don’t have too much free time because the university consume all my day. I study 1 to 2 hours every day of the week, so my schedule is full in the week. Then, I can only do other things en weekend. When I have some free time during the week, I use it visiting my boyfriend or going to the house of my friends. My favorite activities for my free time during the weekend are listening music and Medieval Fencing at the “Compañia Espada de Plata”. 

In my house, when I can, I prefer to read a books of science fiction or police drama, watch T.V series and play shooter games in the computer, but these activities are very addictive and the times flies away. Outside of my house y prefer running or walking around the park, and going to the “Centro Medieval y Renacentista de Chile” on Saturdays by the morning, for fencing lessons.

When I was a child, I didn’t like sports with balls, I preferred to read or going to the house of my friends to play with dolls. When I grew up, I started loving volleyball, because the sports teacher taught me how to not be afraid from the ball of volleyball.

I feel the time is really short and I would like use it in other things. I love to practice fencing and I love all the other things I do in my free time, but sometimes I lose too much time. I get relaxed, but then I feel bad because I should use that time studying or reading. Finally, I prefer to use all my time in activities, but sometimes it is good to stop and relax for enjoying the moment.

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Into its section you find forums of discussion about actual studies and articles or papers, for example, “El origen de las poblaciones del Valle de Azapa” or “Patrones mortuorios Chinchorro”, in which you can give your opinion and learn of teacher comments, also you speak with others students of the career. One of the best sections is “Download”, since have statistics programs specialized in the area and a illustrated Osteologic Atlas, that is a great tool really necessary for knowing humans skeleton and identify their important parts.

So, i invite you explorer this web site and register for to be part of the community and know the discipline of the physic anthropologists and have one space in which you can say your opinion and testing your anthropological knowledge.