miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2011

The tickets To England!

During my life I learn different thinks about British culture and then more I know, the more love the place. Maybe don’t be a perfect reason, but I think in that place and feel such as make for me. Actually I don’t have money for travel to England, if I won the lottery, i would like buy the tickets for me and my best friend.

I can’t explain, but as I described to the British and their vision of the world, I feel that this is place where I would be live. Also in different parts of the United Kingdom’s are great museums and a castle that I like to visit with my best friend. Both share a love of the middle ages and would like to visit all these places of great battle.

So, I would like go to England, not only as a tourist, also to get to know English social dynamics and all its medieval history and give my best friend a ticket to have a good holiday and learn a lot of armor.

Maybe I have no money now, but certainly I will go to England ... I'm sure!

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