martes, 31 de enero de 2012

I'm not green, I am aware

Today it is much easy find places to learn "green practices" because it became fashion care the environment and everyone wants to be fashion. In addition, programs and workshops have been opened where people can participate protecting the environment or obtain knowledge to care the world from their homes with standard practice.

In my case, I usually forgot separate waste by type, so I don’t be ideal with this form of recycling, I prefer composting would rather choose to create or make gifts given by recycling; this is more practical and entertaining for me. My preferred way of contributing to the care of the environment is walk, I prefer walk in my journey, every day I go walking to college. Although it is difficult in this city, as the heat and pollution are unpleasant to walk at times.

When I was child, participate in an "eco-club" in this club, has activities related to caring for the environment and promote the natural beauty spots of the area in which we lived, it was interesting to learn from nature and the environment as well go nice places. Today I wish I had more time to do composting and caring for some plants, and remember separate the trash. I would also like to enjoy the green areas of the capital.

In Santiago takes a lot of awareness about the issue, although there are few communities that have a recycling program, or that have bike lanes and encourage bicycle use. A breakthrough would be to implement a program-wide capital that protects the green areas and promote education from childhood in the care of plants and recycling. And create spaces for people of different communities can share their knowledge and methods of disposal.

It is a matter of being green or not, it is important to realize that as humans leave traces of our passage, and when that track is bad for future generations, we must be repair their best.

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