martes, 31 de enero de 2012

Should we clone Neanderthals?

At a conference in Dubai on science, religion and modernity was discussion on the question "should we clone Neanderthals?” Assuming that there is a technological breakthrough necessary to achieve, considering the high failure in cloning other mammals and have a sufficient sample of DNA.

Some difficulties arise: the reconstruction of the Neanderthal, they were physically different from us and do not know which affected his conscience (perhaps has a voice, maybe not). So it is difficult to measure the consequences, also considering bioethical issues.

Religion does not give an answer, one can assume that would apply the same kind of precautionary principle applies in the case of abortion, something that might be a human being should always be given the benefit of the doubt. However, other religions and other forms of Christianity are not opposed to human cloning. Not that religion is a fundamental argument, but it is a matter for believers and nonbelievers.

If we are optimistic that the Neanderthals would be happy to be alive again, is complicated, because it would be the one of his specie, which would have to clone more of his kind so that you could socialize, but then Who would charge of all a species? It's hard to think about what it means to clone an entire species of hominid that shares the space with us, considering they would have different behavioral characteristics.

Whatever happened, it would be totally fascinating to watch. There would be other advantages; the rebirth of a species from 25,000 years ago would be a wonderful window into our own nature. It would enrich our understanding of consciousness, biodiversity, and should also be great for the Neanderthals. However, there are two reasons why you should never try.

Feminist: cloning does not stop in a Petri dish. It would simply be a surrogate for this experiment would not be fair for the baby and mother. Exist the extremely complex interaction between the immune system of the mother and baby.

Developmental differences: Neanderthal 25,000 years ago don’t have immunity to any diseases that have evolved since then, we are all descendants of the survivors of centuries of epidemics.

"We don’t have right to bring anyone into the mess we've made"

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